May 19, 2020


When it comes to kicking bad habits, smoking is among the most difficult to quit. Many smokers have built up their addiction over numerous years (or even decades), which makes it incredibly challenging to stop.

If you’re currently trying to stop smoking, there are several things you can do to ease your cravings and replace unhealthy habits with good ones. In this post, we’ve compiled a list of hobby ideas that you can take up in place of smoking.


Why should you quit smoking?

First, it’s essential to start with some data behind why it’s important to stop smoking. No matter how old you are or how long you’ve been a smoker, quitting can have immediate positive impacts on your health. Even after just one day without smoking, you reduce your risk of heart attack, and your lungs, veins and arteries will begin to function better.

The longer that you refrain from using tobacco, the better your health will be. In fact, after five smoke-free years, you’ll have reduced some of the damage done by smoking, with your risk of developing lung cancer down by 50%. Once you’ve hit the 15-year mark, your risk of stroke will be nearly down to the level of someone who has never smoked.

When you quit smoking, you set yourself up to live a longer, healthier life and enjoy more quality time with your loved ones. But it’s difficult to stop if you don’t have other ways to fill your time. That’s why establishing healthy hobbies is vital to conquering your addiction.


Hobby ideas to take up in place of smoking

Smoking is an incredibly difficult habit to break, so it’s important to note that there aren’t any hobbies or substitutions that will fulfil your tobacco cravings. However, the hobby suggestions offered here are a helpful way to distract yourself from nicotine withdrawals by participating in a productive activity instead.

Here are a few hobby ideas to take up if you’re trying to quit smoking.

Learn a new skill

If there’s something you’ve always wanted to learn, now is a great time to give it a shot. You can find free online courses on a variety of subjects, including foreign languages, graphic design and coding. You can even learn how to play a musical instrument by taking virtual lessons or master new skills in the kitchen with an online cooking class.

Get active

After you stop smoking, your lung capacity will increase, making it easier for you to breathe deeply. This also means that you’ll be better able to participate in physical activity without running out of breath quickly. Take advantage of your improved respiratory function by hitting the gym, signing up for a community sports team or booking a spot in a group exercise class.

Volunteer for a good cause

Are you passionate about protecting animals, supporting veterans or another charitable cause? If so, put your caring nature to good use by volunteering for a local charity. Not only will you help support their mission, but you’ll also feel good knowing that you made a difference.

Treat yourself to something special

Quitting is hard, and you’ve earned the right to treat yourself. Whether it’s new clothing, a piece of furniture or dinner at a nice restaurant, you deserve a bit of indulgence as a reward for working so hard to kick your habit.

Plant a backyard garden

Harness the energy that you used to put into smoking and convert it into a productive habit like gardening. Once you’ve put in the work to plant and water your seedlings, you’ll enjoy watching them grow. Plus, if you’ve planted fruits or vegetables, you can harvest and feast on the products of your labour.

Go on a weekend getaway

Sometimes, you just need to get away. Pick a nearby destination and head out on a road trip with your partner, a friend or family member to enjoy a change of scenery and celebrate your accomplishment.

Try something creative

Even if you don’t have amazing artistic skills, it can still be fun to try your hand at arts and crafts. Whether it’s painting, drawing, scrapbooking, sewing, photography or another artsy endeavour, doing something creative with your hands can relieve stress and take your mind off of smoking.

Relive old memories

How long has it been since you’ve pulled out your childhood photo album? Make a night out of it by inviting your family or friends over to reminisce over old photos and home movies.

Other resources to help you quit smoking

Learn more about your options for quitting smoking by booking an appointment with your GP. They can help you understand effective methods and techniques for kicking the habit.


You can also contact Quitline for additional support. Quitline is a confidential service where you can speak to a trained counsellor who can offer personalised tips on quitting smoking. On the Quitline website, you’ll also find resources to help you build your own quitting plan, stories from ex-smokers and calculators that can add up how much money you’ll save from kicking your habit.

You can call Quitline on 13 7848 or book a time online for a counsellor to call you.

For many men, discussing their health can be challenging. At Men’s Health Direct, we’re trying to change that. We’re an online medical clinic designed to support men facing a variety of health issues.

Our team of licensed medical professionals will work with you to understand the health challenges you’re facing and develop a customised treatment plan that works for you. If you’re dealing with conditions relating to sexual health and performance, reach out to the team at Men’s Health Direct for a confidential consultation.

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