February 2, 2018

Premature ejaculation in older men isn’t a surprise. It’s more or less expected and is seen as a natural consequence of ageing. Part of the problem comes from less sex in general. Like all muscles, the penis can atrophy when it’s not frequently exercised. Between a general decline in energy and a matching sexual disinterest from older life partners, ED seems inevitable.

However, there are men in their 60s and even in their 80s who can gain and maintain erections without assistance. The Florey Adelaide Male Aging Study (FAMAS) continuously reviewed hundreds of elderly men between 2002 and 2011. The study found that 9% of participants over 65 had never experienced any form of erectile dysfunction.

Other study subjects admitted to various levels of premature ejaculation. 91% had experienced ED, with 34% complaining of moderate to severe non-performance while 54% dealt with mildly chronic erectile problems. While the approval of Viagra in 1998 made men more comfortable with premature ejaculation treatment, it still makes many men uneasy.

Society seems to imply that penis-vagina intercourse is the only valid form of sex. This can be a barrier for older men and their partners. If they can’t successfully satisfy their partners in this way, they may feel inadequate. With their health, social circles, and nest eggs diminishing, this final blow to their esteem could be risky. That’s why many doctors reinforce the concept of non-penis-vagina intercourse (PVI).

Doctors educate older patients on other forms of sex, reassuring them these alternatives can be equally satisfying. The matter doesn’t just apply to men with erectile problems. Female partners within the same age bracket may experience hormonal changes and vaginal dryness. It takes the pleasure out of PVI, so alternative sexual expression benefits them both.

As couples get older and less squeamish, they may have a more open attitude towards sexual practices they frowned upon in their earlier years. For comfort and convenience, extended kissing, oral sex, and erotic massage may become part of their sexual repertoire. Each of these sensual activities can result in orgasms and can boost a couple’s intimacy.

Older couples can also experiment with sex toys and bedroom play. The largest sexual organ – at any age – is the brain. If they are both open to these new options, they can get as much or more satisfaction than penis-vagina intercourse. As a bonus, the mental and sensual stimulation may lead to a stronger, more prolonged erection.

Modern medicine offers many more ways for older men to last longer in bed. Having this knowledge has diminished men’s fear of erectile dysfunction. As our lifespans extend and our opportunities expand, we can enjoy healthy, happy sex lives well into our sixties and beyond, and conditions that were once taboo are now easy to admit, diagnose, and treat.

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