August 2, 2017

As a man, certain challenges in life are often difficult to discuss. This is heightened when the problem is at the core of your masculinity. One health concern that many men worry about at some stage in their lives is premature ejaculation. While this concern may threaten a sense of manhood, it is an issue that can be discreetly addressed by AMI doctors and the years of cutting edge medical research that they have led in this highly specialised field.

Premature ejaculation is a relative term. Active erections range from 6 seconds and 6 minutes once actual intercourse begins. Most men, on average, climax between 4 and 11 minutes and that’s more than enough time, statistically, to bring most sexual partners to orgasm, as long as you have set the right mood and given her the right kind of attention during foreplay.

Before you begin to explore premature ejaculation solutions, it’s important to find the source of your condition. Rather than focusing on length in minutes, diagnoses are based on ejaculating earlier than you or your partner would prefer. It might be psychological, but there are often medical factors involved as well.

If the cause of your early ejaculation is more psychological, it might be related to the state of your relationship, whether you’re with a new partner, if you’re under stress at work, or whether it’s been a while since you have been intimate.

Your early sexual experiences may also play a role in your current mindset. For example, men who had their first intimate experience in a rushed way, perhaps because they were afraid of getting caught, may inadvertently carry their premature climax into future relationships. Others may know how to improve their stamina or delay their orgasms through experimentation and practice over time.

When you first experience early ejaculation, you can try talking it through with your partner. It may just be that you’ve had a long day, or that you’re excessively fatigued. Try relaxing, taking some time off, or using deep breathing techniques. Cut down on any smoking and drinking, and engage in light exercise.

You might also try working with your partner to help you last longer. Let her know when you’re overstimulated so that she can help you slow down, or try different positions that reduce your sensitivity. Condoms and gels are also helpful in minimising the pressure on your penis so that you can hold on to your erection.

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