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Call us or request an appointment for a discreet chat when it's convenient for you. Our team of doctors work 5 days a week 9am to 6pm. Our medical support staff are available 24/7.

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Our medical experts will assess and create a treatment plan tailored to you. Our products and services are only available by prescription and are sold on an "off-label" basis.

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Our pharmacy will prepare and deliver your package discreetly to your door. All medications used in each treatment program are prescribed by licensed doctors and are prepared and delivered by a registered compounding pharmacy in compliance with the relevant applicable regulatory requirements.

The MHD Journal

5 Daily Habits to Adopt to Improve Your Mental Health

19 Jun 2020

5 Daily Habits to Adopt to Improve Your Mental Health

These days, life moves at such a quick pace that it can be difficult to make time for yourself. Between work commitments, life at home and social obligations, it seems …

squat Exercise for Premature Ejaculation

19 Jun 2020

Exercise for Premature Ejaculation

If you’re struggling with premature ejaculation, it’s essential to realise that you are not alone. Many men deal with this medical condition at some point in their lives, but …

Answering the Most Common Questions About Men's Hair Loss

19 Jun 2020

Answering the Most Common Questions About Men’s Hair Loss

Did you know that nearly all men will experience some form of hair loss in their lifetime? While some people may only see a gradual thinning of their hair, others …

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