February 10, 2021

After a challenging year that impacted people’s mental and physical wellbeing, now is a great time to reset and set goals for the year ahead. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, overcome depression or anxiety, or improve your sex life, you can make 2021 an incredible year where you take charge of your mental, physical and sexual health.

To help you get there, we’ve pulled together a handful of health-focused tips and suggestions. Continue reading to learn how to jumpstart your health journey and prioritise your physical, mental, and sexual wellbeing.


Focus on your physical health

When you think about your physical health, you might think about shedding extra pounds, adding muscle, or simply staying active. Even though physical health is quite personal and means something different to everyone, there are still some broader strategies that everyone can apply to meet their fitness goals — no matter what they are.

Looking for ways to start working out? Now is an amazing time to try new things in terms of your physical fitness. At the beginning of the year, many gyms and health clubs run promotions for new joiners. Look up gyms in your area and see if any of them offer these types of specials. If so, arrange a club tour to meet the staff, see the facilities, and determine if it’s the right gym for you.

On the other hand, if you’re bored with your current workout routine, you could look for fun exercise classes or experiences to switch it up. With boot camps, swim classes, running clubs, and dance groups, it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of the hot weather and get fit in the outdoors.

But exercise isn’t everything when it comes to your physical health. Following a nutritious diet is equally important to keep yourself in great shape. If you’re struggling to eat well, here are a few tips to change your habits.


  • Try meal planning. If you don’t plan your meals and grocery shopping in advance, it’s easy to get into the habit of ordering takeaway instead of making dinner at home. To avoid the temptation of delivery services or frozen meals, create a meal schedule and grocery list at the beginning of the week. If you’re concerned about the expense, aim for recipes with overlapping ingredients.
  • Make healthy swaps. When it comes to your physical health, small adjustments can end up making a big difference — especially if you’re just beginning to change your habits. You can get started by swapping out unhealthy foods for more nutritious options, without sacrificing taste. For example, you can easily replace sour cream with Greek yogurt to save on calories and incorporate probiotics into your diet. There are plenty of these healthy swaps, so you can get creative with it.
  • Cook at least one new meal per week. Without a well-rounded mix of recipes, eating a nutritious diet can get old quickly. But if you make a plan to research and cook one new healthy meal per week, you can keep things fresh and exciting. You can even try cooking different cuisines from around the world or whip up a healthier version of your favourite pub meal.


Improve your mental health

Traditionally, some men have avoided talking about their feelings so they wouldn’t be seen as weak or emotional. Fortunately, that mindset has begun to change in recent years, and men’s are being encouraged to prioritise their mental health.

If you have an untreated mental disorder, it can affect every part of your life. Not only will you grapple with the psychological stress and disruptive effects of your condition, but you could even develop physical issues as a result of it. For instance, men dealing with anxiety or depression can experience sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation.

The best way to get on top of your mental health is to reach out to a licenced therapist or counsellor. They will help you understand more about your condition and offer healthy solutions to improve your mindset. If you’re hesitant about scheduling an in-person appointment, there are several apps and telehealth services that allow you to complete therapy from home.


Revitalise your sexual health

It’s not often discussed openly, but many men around the world struggle with sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. In fact, roughly 30% of men experience ED, and up to 50% of the male population deals with PE at some point in their life.

Even though these conditions are common and treatable, too many men suffer in silence and don’t ask for help. These days, treatment options are non-invasive and discreet and can even be personalised to your preferences. To put it simply, it’s easier than ever before to get safe and effective treatment for sexual dysfunction.

At Men’s Health Direct, we understand that it can be intimidating to reach out to your regular GP and ask to discuss your issues in the bedroom. That’s why we offer an online medical clinic for men across Australia who want to get treatment for sexual dysfunction without a face-to-face consultation.

You can get started by calling our clinic or submitting an appointment request online. From there, we will connect you with one of our Australian licenced doctors for a confidential phone conversation. During this chat, your doctor will ask about your sexual dysfunction symptoms and any relevant medical conditions.

If we find that you have a sexual disorder, we’ll work with you to develop a personalised treatment plan that fits your needs. We’ll ship any required medications directly to your front door, so you can quickly start feeling like yourself again.


At Men’s Health Direct, we’re committed to removing the stigma around men’s health issues. Reach out to our knowledgeable team to find out about our services and how we can help you regain your confidence inside and outside of the bedroom. Call us on 1800 200 500 or request a call-back appointment through our online form.

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