December 1, 2020

When you think you might have a sexual disorder like erectile dysfunction, you might feel a sense of panic or fear start to set in. Due to the perceived social stigma around these types of conditions, many men who have them feel ashamed about it.

But the reality is that there’s no need to worry if you have erectile dysfunction. As you will learn in this post, it is a common condition that can be easily treated, and men with erectile dysfunction can still enjoy fulfilling and exciting sex lives.

Keep reading to learn more about erectile dysfunction, including whom it affects and how to get help if you think you need it. And if you feel like you might be struggling with erectile dysfunction, feel free to reach out to the Men’s Health Direct team for help.

What is erectile dysfunction?

Commonly abbreviated as ED, erectile dysfunction is a form of sexual dysfunction that can impact men of all ages. It is defined as the inability to get or maintain an erection long enough for sexual activity.

Erectile dysfunction happens to the majority of men on occasion, which is considered normal. However, erectile dysfunction becomes a problem when it repeatedly happens over several months and bothers you and your partner.

Why you shouldn’t panic if you think you have erectile dysfunction

If you feel that you might have a problem with erectile dysfunction after reading the description above, there’s no need to panic. The only way to be sure is to contact a medical professional. But in the meantime, here’s why you should stay calm if you think that you might be dealing with erectile dysfunction.

It’s more common than you realise

As a whole, sexual disorders like erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are incredibly prevalent among men. Unfortunately, these common conditions are not often openly discussed, which can cause men to feel shame and embarrassment once they receive their diagnosis.

If you’re struggling with erectile dysfunction, you might feel relieved to find out that you are not alone — especially if you’re a young man dealing with symptoms of ED. Although erectile dysfunction is often thought to be something that mainly impacts older men, it can happen to men of all ages. In Australia, erectile dysfunction affects an estimated one million men.

You might be asking yourself: if erectile dysfunction is so common, why aren’t more people talking about it? At Men’s Health Direct, we aim to break the stigma around this condition and provide simple treatment options that help men across Australia alleviate their problem, ease their minds, and improve their sex lives.

Treatment options are easy and discreet

Even better, erectile dysfunction has become easy to treat, so men coping with it don’t have to suffer in silence. Working with a medical professional is the key to improving your condition and regaining confidence inside and outside of the bedroom.

These days, erectile dysfunction options are simple and easy to administer. One of the newest ways to treat ED is with a medication called rapid oral strip technology (ROST). These strips dissolve quickly on your tongue and bypass your stomach and liver to kick in within minutes. In addition to being discreet, this cutting-edge technology is safe and convenient to use so you can take it just before intercourse begins.

You don’t have to visit your doctor for help

In the past, seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction might have required an awkward, in-person discussion with your doctor. But thanks to advances in technology, it’s no longer necessary to schedule a visit with your GP to discuss your concerns about sexual dysfunction.

Instead, you can book a digital consultation with an online medical clinic like Men’s Health Direct to chat with a licenced doctor about your symptoms and receive a diagnosis — all from the comfort of your home or office.

Men’s Health Direct specialises in the treatment of men’s sexual health, so you can rest assured that your most sensitive health concerns will be heard by a professional that knows how to handle them with discretion and care.

Why it’s important to seek help for erectile dysfunction

With that said, we want to emphasise that it is extremely important to get help if you think you might have erectile dysfunction or another sexual disorder. With easily accessible medical expertise and simple treatment options, there’s no reason to continue being unhappy with your sex life.

Separately, there’s also the possibility that your untreated erectile dysfunction could be a sign of another more serious medical condition. That’s because erectile dysfunction is sometimes a symptom of diabetes, heart disease, and similar issues. Without seeking treatment for your sexual disorder, you might not have even realised you had these underlying problems.

At the same time, erectile dysfunction can also take a serious toll on your mental health. Men who deal with sexual dysfunction often report feelings of depression and anxiety as a result of their condition. To make matters worse, these negative feelings can also cause problems in your relationship. With professional treatment, you can begin to resolve not only your erectile dysfunction but also the other harmful impacts it has caused in your life.

At Men’s Health Direct, our team of licenced Australian physicians can help you overcome your condition and start enjoying more fulfilling sex. With our virtual medical services, you can get an accurate diagnosis and begin treatment quickly. If you need any prescription medications, our pharmacy team can fill them and ship them directly to your front door in discreet packaging.

Learn more about how Men’s Health Direct can help you take back your sex life. Our doctors are available to chat from Monday to Friday between 9 am and 6 pm, and our medical support staff are available 24/7. Get in touch with the Men’s Health Direct team today by calling us on 1800 200 500 or by requesting an online appointment at a time that’s convenient for you.

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