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The MHD Journal

Husband unhappy and disappointed in the erectile dysfunction during sex while his wife sleeping on the bed. Sexual Problems in Men.

20 Aug 2020

Psychogenic Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

As men get older, they face plenty of undesirable changes to their physical health, including hair loss and sexual dysfunction. Although these conditions may be unpleasant to experience, the fact …

beautiful happy young couple lying on bed and hugging

20 Aug 2020

How to Last Longer in Bed

There’s no denying that lasting better sexual performance is something that’s at the forefront of many men’s minds. Whether you’re suffering from a form of sexual dysfunction, like premature ejaculation …

5 Daily Habits to Adopt to Improve Your Mental Health

19 Jun 2020

5 Daily Habits to Adopt to Improve Your Mental Health

These days, life moves at such a quick pace that it can be difficult to make time for yourself. Between work commitments, life at home and social obligations, it seems …

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