November 2, 2020

During the course of any long-term relationship, you and your partner will go through plenty of ups and downs. To keep your marriage or relationship going through the difficult times, you have to put in the work and show your partner that you are committed to them.

From trying something new together to learning about their personal interests, there are many small things you can do to maintain the closeness with your partner. We’ve put together this list of six things that you can do with your partner to build your bond outside of the bedroom.


Try a new activity together

Whether it’s a new fitness class or a new local restaurant, trying something new with your partner gives you both a chance to be vulnerable and rely on each other during the experience. It’s a fun and interesting way to keep things exciting, even after you’ve been married for years.

If you are out of fresh ideas for what to try together, look up classes and events in your local area. Make sure it’s something that you both have an interest in; otherwise, the experience might not be equally engaging for both partners.


Spend time learning about their interests

Do you ever feel as if your significant other doesn’t understand or care about the things that interest you? It’s a common complaint among people in a relationship. By making an effort to learn about the things that your partner cares about, you show them that their interests matter to you too.

You don’t have to go as far as making their hobbies your own, but just demonstrating interest can mean a lot. For example, if your partner enjoys gardening, ask about their favourite plants and spend an afternoon in the garden with them.


Go on a staycation together

Between work, kids, and social commitments, taking an extended holiday just isn’t possible sometimes. However, you can enjoy a taste of relaxation by taking a one-night or weekend staycation at a hotel or resort near your home.

To do this, block off time in your schedule a few weeks in advance and reserve a room at a romantic hotel in the nearest city or town. When you’re there, indulge yourself and do whatever you’d like, whether it’s just relaxing in your room, getting spa treatments, or going shopping.


Make a meal at home

When you’re comfortable in a relationship, making dinner can seem like just another chore on your list. You’ve likely completed the same rotation of meals over and over again, so when you make a point to find a new recipe and make it together, it can really shake things up.

Do some online research or consult your favourite cookbook to find a new dish that appeals to both of you. Then stop by your local market and pick up the ingredients together, before going home and cooking as a pair.


Recreate one of your first dates

Remember how new and exciting things were at the beginning of your relationship? Even if it’s been decades, you can attempt to recreate some of the magic of those early days by replicating one of your first dates or milestones as a couple.

Perhaps you took your partner for a beach stroll back in the day. Or maybe you enjoyed attending concerts together. Even if it was just something casual, such as going for a coffee together, think about a moment that was special in your relationship and figure out a way to reproduce that feeling.


Switch things up in bed

As your relationship progresses, you have likely experienced periods during which things get a bit dull in the bedroom. It’s not uncommon for these lulls to happen in a long-term relationship, so there is no need to be concerned.

In order to spice things back up, ask your partner if they’re interested in trying anything new. You can also share if there’s anything that you’d like to try. Even something small, like being intimate in another space in your home, can help keep things exciting. Simply making an effort to keep the fire alive inside the bedroom is an excellent way to strengthen the bond between you.

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